Great tips to clean your car


Cleaning With Appropriate Suds

Appropriate suds remove dirt, grease and old wax. But it also sucks important oils right out of the paint’s finish. Use a formulated cleaner for vehicles (available at any auto parts store only). Mix the suds, fill a bucket full of water and remove most of the road grit from the mitt to prevent further scratches. You should throw the grit in the washing machine to clean it properly.

Removing Surface Dirt

Washing the car removes the surface dirt. Wash your car to remove the dirt being embedded strongly on your car. Prepare the clay by tearing a single piece into four sections and rub it over the paint with back-and-forth motion. You will soon get a glass-like finish.

Polishing the Car

You should not be confused with the terms “polishing and waxing”. They are perfectly two different terms. Polishing removes small surface scratches, by which you can see a great shine on your car. In another way, waxing protects your car from other elements. Apply polish to the pad and wipe the pad across the required car area. Run the pad at a slow speed to spread the mixture over the required area and see the results.

Waxing the Car

Apply the wax to the foam and rub it on your car with slow motion force. It will produce warm shine and leave great impact on your car.

Vacuuming the Dust

Vacuum the headliner, dash and door panels and clean all the glass. Sweep out the dust out of the cracks by brushing. Catch all that crud right away with your vacuum. Some people use shampoo too to gain the same results. But we recommend you to go with proper procedure.

Cleaning the Leather

Conditioner your leather before you start the stain removal process of your car. Wipe the ink lifter directly on the leather and rub it in. Wait for 30 seconds before cleaning it with a clean cloth. Apply the leather cleaner cream in the end.

Cleaning Out the Junk by Sliding the Seats

Do not forget to find out the garbage behind the seats. You will find many lost items of your home and office there. Vacuum the seats remove the mats and vacuum the carpet. Do not forget to brush the door panels, the brush and the handy door pockets (hidden treasure).

Deep-Cleaning the Carpet

You should use a carpet cleaning machine to get the deep dirt that gets embedded into the fibers of the carpet. Spray the carpet with a solution of water as well as cleaner. This will suck the dirt entirely. You can get this machine on rent from a rental center. You can use a spray cleaner too.

Washing the Top Edges of Windows

Did you notice the line of grime on the top of windows when they’re partially taken down? You should wash it too after considering it accurately.

Brushing out the Air Vents

Take a paintbrush and give your car a perfect shot of furniture polish. Do not forget to brush into the crevices to collect the dust appropriately.

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