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Clash of Titans Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer with headquarters in Toyota, Aichi and Japan. In 2017, Toyota’s corporate structure consists of 364,445 employees worldwide and as of October 2016, Toyota is the fifth-largest company in the world by revenue. As of 2016, Toyota is the world’s largest automotive manufacturer.

Land Cruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser & Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Two of Toyota’s highest selling SUVs.

Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles by the Japanese car maker Toyota. It is Toyota’s longest running series. Production of the first generation Land Cruiser began in 1951 (90 units) as Toyota’s version of a Jeep-like vehicle. The Land Cruiser has been produced in convertible, hardtop, station wagon and cab chassis versions. The Land Cruiser comes in two main variants: Off-Road and Comfort.


Off-Road (J70), 1984 – Present

Source: Jebiga

The 70 Series is a family of Land Cruiser models from 1984 until the present day. Despite major changes in styling and numerous technological updates, the 70 Series retains the off-road capabilities and durability in which the 40 Series excels. It is available in many forms, including a four-door semi-long (J77V → J76V), a pickup (J75P → J79P), and long-wheelbase utility wagon (J75V → J77V / J78V). It’s one of the best off-road compact SUVs available in the market. It would not be wrong if it is called the Best Off-Road SUV available.



(J80), 1990 – 1997

Source: Curbside Classic

The Land Cruiser 80 series unveiled in October 1989 in the Tokyo Motor Show and launched in early 1990. It had swing-out back doors which changed in 1994 by a winch door.


(J100), 1998 – 2007

Source: Car Wallpapers

In January 1998, the 100 series was introduced to replace the 8-year-old 80 series. The 100 series was previewed in October 1997 as the “Grand Cruiser” at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show.The introduction of a V8 engine was also the first and it was specifically manufactured to improve the sales in North-American market where it was the only engine available.


(J200), 2007- Present

Source: Curbside Classic

The new design of Land Cruiser came in 2007, known as the 200 Series. It shared the Lexus LX 570’s platform and overall design. The frame was new and got derived from the second-generation Tundra but shortened and strengthened by 20 percent.


Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size four- wheel drive vehicle in the Toyota Land Cruiser range. It is a product of Japanese car maker, Toyota. The Prado is one of the smaller vehicles in the range. From 2009, the Prado is based on Toyota’s J150 platform.


J70, (1990–1996)


In April 1990, a new type, the Prado was introduced with a redesigned front grille, front fenders, engine hood, and head lamps. At the same time, names like Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser II were still used in other parts of the world besides Japan. Prado means meadow or field in Portuguese. Despite a body-on- frame design made it highly capable off-road, the vehicle was more towards on-road use.


J90, (1996–2002)

Source: Toyota Global

In May 1996, the J70 series underwent a makeover and emerged as the J90 series Prado, an independent series. The body size increased and the design remained the same like J70.


J120, (2002–2009)

Source: Toyota Global

In 2002, the third generation Prado revised front suspension to improve the reliability. Although, development began in 1997 and design work in 1998. The winning proposal of the Toyota ED 2  design studio originates from Lance Scott in France in late 1999.


J150, (2009–present)

The fourth generation got available in some markets since October 2009. There are two base variants, five-door and three-door. The five door variant in the general market is offered in TXL & VXL grades – which are much more options packed. This generation of Prado features advanced 4WD and an array of electronic gadgets.


Hence, by the history and the specs of both of the vehicles, Land Cruiser clearly stands at the top of the list.

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