Toyota RAV4 2019-Beyond Imagination


Toyota RAV4 is expected to launch by 2019. This car is expected to bring revolution in the motor industry. Toyota RAV4 is expected to get a revolutionary look in the upcoming 2019 model. Toyota RAV4 will not only entertain its fans by its features but will impress them by its truck like looks. According to many beliefs, the upcoming RAV4 model will be built upon Toyota’s latest TGNA platform. TGNA platform is expected to be the base of all next-generation compact SUV models. TGNA platform is the latest and the super duper technological element which is the actual base toward the establishment of new era in motor industry.

Toyota is planning to use TGNA platform as the base for all of the new generations of Toyota’s passenger cars. The most amazing thing would be if the RAV4 2019 model gets a design pattern in line with Toyota’s FT-AC concept, which has been occurred last year by the toyota in a car show at Los Angeles. The design pattern will undoubtedly become another source of the perfection in the car.

The company will prove itself the best by 2019 as it has worked hard on making a car looks like a truck. Toyota has always inspired people with its best designs, structures, technological elements and revolutionary concepts.

Gari Dekh says all the best to Toyota for its RAV4 2019 model launch.

The FT-AC model was the right size when compared with the Toyota RAV4, the front-end of the car reminded us of RAV’s design with short tempered headlights, a grille that seems to be inspired by the Tacoma TRD Pro and a quadrangle fog lights that could be detached and used as mobile lights. While size is 20 inches in the car, which is stronger enough.

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